Why I've started writing (yet again)

Me trying to gather my thoughts explaining why I've started writing

Hey there, dear reader!

Alright, first of all, I am quite nervous since it is my first post in a reeealy long period of time (the first one was published on Medium in 2019 and was about the impostor syndrome).

Let me explain why I’ve started writing (yet again).

Reason 1: Visual Guide

I guess everyone would agree that when we need to keep something useful which might be lost during some time, we make a note. For me, it was just a regular pen with paper. Then I realized that in the digital era it makes sense to keep everything in one place, somewhere on the Internet in order to get access to your notes in a second via different devices. So I’ve slowly but surely migrated some of my notes to Evernote. Cool, it took me less time to find something in dozens of notes and articles.

Then a good friend of mine asked me to share some of my articles with him. No problem - I’ve granted access to my notes - easy-peasy. Later, my colleagues asked me to share files from a tech talk. Well, I’ve realized that it is a bit uncomfortable finding myself copy-pasting different emails and managing rights.

So that was the first call for me to find a better place where I can keep my findings where everyone will have a chance to read everything he likes.

Reason 2: Company Interviews

I am pretty sure you’ve faced the situation where you are applying for a new job and you need to provide a bit more information about yourself, including your experience, CV, social links, or even a photo of your dog 🐶. And you start visiting all of the social media you’ve registered, editing the information about yourself in parallel. And CV seems to be outdated, so you need to edit it as well. And where did I store all the photos of my doggo? 🤔

Keeping everything in one place is a win for ya. And that’s where your personal blog or website comes into play.

So when your potential employer wants a bit more information about you - simply paste a link to your website.

Reason 3: Review For Myself

I am human, and I often face different challenges. One of the biggest challenges for me is to keep myself up-to-date with a blazing fast-growing world of technologies. Libraries, frameworks, bundling tools - there are thousands of thousands of releases each day. So I’ve realized that it makes sense to keep some sort of track or review of what I’ve learned so far. And blog seems to be a handy place for it.

Reason 4: Learning Something New

The last, but not least point is that keeping a blog often allows you to learn something new. And I’m talking not only about technical knowledge: try to write an article on a topic on which you consider yourself skilled enough. You will see that it is not so easy as you thought. Teaching someone or sharing something with others is also a hugely important skill, which should be constantly improved.

And of course, another benefit - gaining new technical skills. My website is running on Gatsby with Netlify. I’ve been surprised by how easy you can build and host a website with these tools. Even SEO included 🤓.

Speaking about learning something new: I am pretty sure that if you will share and recap everything you’ve just learned with someone, you will gain much more profit, so it’s a win-win.


That’s it for my first blog post. I hope now you have a better understanding of why I’ve started writing again. I wish you to find your own way of managing things. Follow me and probably you will find something useful in my articles!

I promise to keep my content up-to-date and will work hard in order to improve its quality.

Peace 👋